Renseignements sur la reclamation

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Step 1 - Claim Reporting

Whatever be the type of claim like auto, medical or life insurance, the three step process holds true. Factual reporting of details of claim, processing .

Step 2 - Claim Processing

The veracity of the claim is directly proportional to the speed of processing…Once verification is completed, the tracking of the claim is easily done.

Step 3 - Claim Settlement

The settlement is usually swift once all the details are filed and verified by the Insurance agencies or third party administrators.

Accidental and Health Claims

In order to make it easier, we have provided the documents for download to clarify all the procedures you have to follow to swiftly get the claims and settlement. Be informed so as to make a discerning choice.

Furthermore, remember to be aware of the different roles of your insurance agency and insurance agents during the claims process.

Feuille Reclamation

Download size: 4kb

Emergency Care

Download size: 8kb

Continuation of Disability

Download size: 15kb